Playlists provide an optional way for you to shape your Baccalaureate Core experience around your interests and career goals. Are you passionate about the environment? The Sustainability playlist offers courses that reflect OSU's historic leadership in climate research, natural resources and conservation. Do you want to build your resume for a career in international business? The Go Global playlists offer courses that will deepen your understanding of other cultures and international perspectives.

While using a playlist is not required, the Bacc Core playlists can help you design an education that's a perfect fit for who you are and where you want to go.

Heal the World/Social Justice

Are you someone who cares deeply about making the world a better and more just place for people of diverse cultures and locations? The Heal the World/Social Justice playlist is for students with interests from health-care professions and human development to agriculture and public policy.


A focus on Sustainability means learning to use the earth’s resources so that the overall supply is not depleted.  OSU leads in this field—and a Bacc Core focus in sustainability helps you become a more responsible and informed citizen who can demonstrate their commitment to the planet and its resources.

Bacc Core Classics

Bacc Core Classics lead you into intriguing venues of literature, culture, history, geography, and more.  If you’ve always wanted to know more about Shakespeare, World Religions, or Art History, the Bacc Core Classics may be for you.

Go Global: Truly Global

Go Global—Truly Global Playlist enables you to shape an informal credential that demonstrates global learning and enhances almost any major.

Humanitarian Engineering, Science & Technology

The Humanitarian Engineering, Science and Technology playlist is for those interested in understanding the context surrounding global development. This set of courses considers many issues in global development, including the context around the use of science and technology to improve access to basic human needs, to improve the quality of life, or improve the ability of people to earn a livelihood particularly in rural, resource-limited, or low-to-middle income settings.

Digital Communication Arts

The Digital Communication Arts playlist helps students to think critically through a technological and/or media lens toward their accquistion of knowledge across a range of disciplines, including: Art, History, Political Science, Philosophy, English, Film, Music, Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Ethnic Studies, and Women, Gender, & Sexuality Studies.

Go Global: Pacific Rim

Go Global—Pacific Rim is for those who want to know more about countries and cultures that border the Pacific Ocean, especially Asian cultures—whether you are headed for business, education, the arts, or another global field.

Go Global:  Americas

Go Global—Americas is for students who want a strong knowledge base on countries and cultures of North, Central, and South America.

Bacc Core for Teachers—Elementary Education

Bacc Core for Teachers—Elementary Education helps teachers in training to deepen their knowledge in a broad range of subjects from poetry and music to astronomy and basic science.

Bacc Core for Teachers—Social Studies Education

Bacc Core for Teachers—Social Studies Education helps secondary teachers in training to focus the acquisition of their content knowledge in the areas of history, political science, anthropology, economics, psychology, sociology, ethnic studies, geography, and women’s studies.

Bacc Core for Teachers – Family and Consumer Science Education 

Bacc Core for Teachers – Family and Consumer Science Education helps secondary teachers in training to focus the acquisition of their content knowledge in the areas of nutrition, human development and family sciences, and design and the human environment.

Beavers Mean Business

Beavers Mean Business is designed to give business students a chance to take full advantage of the Bacc Core curriculum. It offers a full spectrum of classes allowing students to personalize choices to complement various aspects of their future business careers.