Learn Through Advising

  • Read and review your academic advising syllabus to learn the role advising plays in your successful transition to OSU, concepts and terminology essential to your first-year, and how to build a strong relationship with your academic advisor.
  • Plan out your term. Use a planner or notebook to keep track of due dates, exams, syllabi management, study times and other important dates.
  • Contact your professors and teaching assistants, find out their office hours and email addresses so you can connect with them when you need help. They are here to help you.
  • Check out academic coaching, the writing center and all of the other tools to help you when it comes time for mid terms and finals.
  • Connect with your advisors. They can help you with difficult decisions, registration and will be a friend through your academic career.

Weekly Advising Email Archives

Welcome Week: Get Ready!

Week 1: Make a Plan

Mid-Week 1: Add or Drop Classes

Week 2: Academic Support: You can't live without it

Week 3: Want to Adjust Your Schedule?

Week 4: How to Get Read for Mid-Terms

Week 5: Ready for Advising?

Week 6: Be #Beaverstrong:Check Your Grades

Week 7: Grade options that can save your GPA

Week 8: Get Ready for Winter

Week 9: Game Plan for Finals