Munisha Prakash Parikh

"It helps you to know people and even gain confidence."

The Indian Student Association (ISA) aims to diversify the Oregon State campus with the rich culture that is present in India through our motto: Unity through diversity.


Facebook: Oregon State Indian Students Association


Who can join? Why join?

Anyone can join this organization. I feel it’s a good opportunity to know a different culture and be a part of it. Not only does it help people not to feel lonely, it also boosts self-confidence as they start talking to different kinds of people.

How did you get involved?                                                      

I got involved in this club via a social networking site. I had seen events being promoted, so it interested me. And hence, I decided to be a part of this club.

What is your best memory?

The best memory I have is of the Etihad Cultural Festival, as it’s not been long since I have moved here, and it was the first event I attended with ISA.

What is the community like?

The people in this community are really nice and easygoing.  It is nice to involve yourself within such groups. It helps you to know people and even gain confidence. My experience so far is really great.

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?

When I started interacting with different people and even when I did join this club, I started to belong to this campus.

How have you grown from being involved?

I can say that I’m evolving both professionally and personally.