Jack Baker

"We all work in Benton's audio lab during the term and like to jam or make tracks."

Our goal is to facilitate hands-on learning experiences for any student, faculty member or community member with an interest in music production and related fields. We do this by scheduling live shows, hosting workshops and meetings, promoting team projects and providing students with access to an independent record label that will give them an outlet for their work. Our goal is also to promote the growth of the music scene at Oregon State University and foster collaboration between musicians of all backgrounds.

Email: music.prod@oregonstate.edu

Website: OSU Music Production

Who can join? Why join?

Musicians, producers or anyone with some experience in live performance should stop by. Basically, we hang out once a week and play a gig somewhere in town once a term. It’s a great opportunity for meeting new people, jamming, starting projects and having fun. Anyone is welcome, even if you don’t have a ton of background in this kind of thing. Just bring a positive attitude and some humor. We meet in Benton Hall Room 104A on Thursdays at 6 p.m. during the term.

How did you learn about this club and what made you interested?

Ryan Zubieta, Phil Johnson and myself have been driving the club — it became OSU official during winter 2014. We all work in Benton’s audio lab during the term and like to jam or make tracks. Once the thought of a club was there, it seemed kind of natural to start the process for filing with the school.

What has your experience been like with this club?

I’ve had a lot of fun with it! For sure have made new friends and connections. Sometimes, I’ll spend way too much time alone working on a piece or project that I’ll forget how constructive sharing ideas and styles with others — especially peers — is. The club was accepted as a Student Sponsored Organization (SSO), which means we get quite a bit of benefits from the university — there’s money for events, equipment or trips.

How have you grown from being part of this club?

It has pushed me for sure. During my first year, Ryan and Phil carried a lot of the responsibility — stuff like emails, events, demonstrations. I just made posters for a couple of gigs at Interzone. Since then, those guys have graduated, and I’ve been trying to match their consistency.