Anna Wills

"It is important to me to remain involved with my heritage as well as maintain a culture."

The Slavic Student Association seeks to learn about Slavic culture, connect with people from or interested in the culture and share the culture with the Oregon State and Corvallis community.


Facebook: Slavic Student Association at Oregon State University



Who can join? Why join?

Anyone who has Slavic heritage, comes from a Slavic country or is interested in learning about Slavic culture are all welcome to join. People should get involved not only for the information, food and nice atmosphere at our events, but for meeting our wonderful group members and making new friends as well. I believe that joining new clubs is important for personal growth as well as to help eradicate preconceived prejudice.

How did you get involved?

I got involved with this organization once I joined Oregon State. I saw it during a club fair. It is important to me to remain involved with my heritage as well as maintain a culture. 

What is your best memory?

My best memory within the Slavic Student Association would be during the club fair, where we made posters and got together to promote the club and inform people about Slavic cultures. It was different talking to people who weren’t aware of certain customs, celebrations and languages, and it made me feel like a larger community of OSU when we all reached out to learn about one another’s culture.

What is the community like?

My experience with this club is meeting together to enjoy holidays, talk about important issues as well as watch Slavic films together. We also became involved with visiting the mayor from Ukraine, which emphasized the importance of remaining a strong culture in all parts of the world.

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?

After joining the club and reaching out to people who had similar experiences as me. Joining clubs, teams and helping make a place for myself on campus as well as for my peers.

How have you grown from being involved?

I have grown professionally as I went to meetings to maintain the club and promoted the club through the media. I learned various marketing strategies, as well as how to write and present myself professionally to a larger group of people. I have grown personally through the connections I made within the club.