Natan Gonzalez

"Everyone there made me feel so welcomed, and they eventually became my family."

It is the mission of the Unified Greek Council (UGC) to promote unity, communication and cooperation among its member organizations and to advance the ideals of scholarship, service and diversity throughout the greater Oregon State University and Corvallis community.


Facebook: Unified Greek Council at Oregon State University


Who can join? Why join?

You would first have to join one of our six culturally based organizations on campus. The sororities are Alpha Pi Omega, Delta Phi Omega and Kappa Delta Chi. The fraternities are Lambda Theta Phi, Omega Delta Phi and Sigma Beta Rho. I think it’s a great way for people to meet other people. It’s always a fun time being around UGC folks, and it’s a great way for people to be more involved on campus.

How did you get involved?

UGC is the overseeing council for my fraternity, Omega Delta Phi, and one of our beliefs as members of the Unified Greek Council is that we try to be as connected as possible and do things together. So basically once you join one of our six multicultural Greek organizations, you automatically become a member of the Unified Greek Council.

What is your best memory?

It would probably be hanging out at someone’s place and playing video games, talking about our organizations and just our lives in general. This year, we hope to make this into a retreat, so we can unwind from school and our organizations.

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?

When I started going to UGC meetings and meeting the people there, everyone made me feel so welcomed, and they eventually became my family away from home.

How have you grown from being involved?

I’ve learned to ask for help. Doesn’t seem like it is much, but I am always so stubborn to find my way in getting things done. When I finally had the courage to ask for help, my experience in my own organization became a lot easier.