Chasmin Bradford

"Joining Zeta Phi Beta has allowed me to come out of my shell more and be more sociable."

The Zeta Phi Beta sorority was founded on Jan. 16, 1920 on the campus of Howard University in Washington, D.C. as a community service organization. The sorority was established by five women under the principles of scholarship, service, sisterhood and finer womanhood with the charge of being a community-conscious, action-oriented organization.


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Who can join? Why join?

As an organization, we truly believe in quality over quantity. We want members who are confident within themselves and their decision to join Zeta Phi Beta. Being that we are the first Divine Nine sorority organization to accept nonblack members, we greatly support and encourage all diverse backgrounds.

How did you get involved?

Before coming to college, I knew I wanted to join a Divine Nine sorority organization. I just didn’t know which one. After my first year of college, I decided to start looking into an organization to join. I went to multiple Greek events, where I met Osenat Quadri. Quadri is one of the five founding members of the Zeta Phi Beta Xi Upsilon chapter here at Oregon State. Once I got more familiar with the members and what the organization was about, I began my journey to becoming a Zeta.

What is your best memory?

My favorite memory with Zeta Phi Beta was participating in the 14th annual Divine Nine step show. It was my first step show, and my first time being on stage in front of a large crowd.

What is the community like?

Zeta Phi Beta volunteers for Abby’s Closet every year. Abby’s Closet provides prom dresses to girls of all shapes and sizes who either need a dress last minute or could not afford one. Zeta Phi Beta has volunteered every year since the Xi Upsilon chapter was founded at Oregon State. Also, Zeta Phi Beta has a partnership with the March of Dimes and participates in the march to end premature births, birth defects and infant deaths. 

When did you first feel a sense of belonging on campus?

I moved by myself from Texas to Oregon to attend school. Oftentimes, I would feel very alone because I did not have any friends or family here. I first felt a sense of belonging on campus when I joined Zeta Phi Beta. One of the major principles this organization was founded on is sisterhood, which means we have a bond that cannot be broken. I now feel a sense of acceptance, and I have a wonderful support group in Xi Upsilon. 

How have you grown from being involved?

Joining Zeta Phi Beta has allowed me to come out of my shell more and be more sociable. On a professional level, I have been pushed in such a way that I now realize my strengths and weaknesses. Now that I have been elected as the president for the 2016-17 school year, I feel that I will grow even more professionally.