Students at INTO OSU

The INTO OSU Student Population

Chinese and Saudi Arabia students currently make up a large portion of the INTO OSU student population. South Korea, Japan and Oman round out the top 5, with around 30 countries represented in total as of winter 2013.

OSU recruitment goals, aided by the worldwide INTO network, are currently focusing on expanding student numbers from South America, Turkey, Europe, Africa and Southeast Asia. 

INTO OSU Student Performance and Progression

Overall, 75% of Pathway students progress to OSU, most after just three terms. Pathway progressors have outperformed direct international and domestic students several years in a row. Students who do not progress after the standard three terms may take up to five terms total (six terms by exception).

Progression Routes

Program Progression diagram

Language Score Correlation & Level Timing

Progression Chart


INTO OSU Programs

INTO OSU programs include intensive English and academic, credit-bearing courses.

The Pathway programs [click for detailed information on] supply students with a 3-4-term course of study, combining intensive English courses with credit-bearing OSU courses. After successfully completing all required courses, students will be eligible to enter their chosen degree program at the sophomore level. Terms are aligned with OSU academic terms.

Academic English provides English instruction for academic purposes, preparing students to enter the university. To enter the university, students should either complete Academic English level 6 or attain the required score on the institutional TOEFL administered by INTO OSU each term. Terms are aligned with OSU academic terms.

The General English program focuses on conversational English, allowing students to develop communication skills in many social and professional situations while learning about American culture. Terms consist of two 5-week sessions.