Welcome to OSU’s Baccalaureate Core faculty.  We are committed to providing excellent foundational and advanced experiences to through courses across the university curriculum.  The Bacc Core is OSU’s version of general education requirements and must be fulfilled by all undergraduates.  Bacc Core faculty are encouraged to help students understand the value and goals of the Bacc Core and the ways in which the faculty member’s specific Bacc Core course contributes to a student’s OSU education.  

Critical thinking is a hallmark of all Bacc Core courses. Bacc Core faculty challenge students to understand and practice the elements of critical thinking in their discipline as these elements apply to content of the specific course.

Baccalaureate Core Structure: 

Students choose courses to fulfill requirements in fifteen categories:

  • Skills:  Writing I, Writing II, Speech, Mathematics, Fitness
  • Perspectives: Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences, Cultural Diversity, Literature and the Arts, Social Processes and Institutions, Western Culture
  • Difference, Power, and Discrimination
  • Synthesis: Contemporary Global Issues; Science, Technology and Society 
  • Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC)

Faculty can determine if a course they are teaching is in the Bacc Core.

This link also identifies the category(ies) of the Core in which the course has been certified.

View Baccalaureate Core learning outcomes, criteria, and rationale for each category of the Core.

Teaching a Bacc Core course brings certain responsibilities:

  • Identify on the course syllabus which category/categories of the Bacc Core in which the course is certified.
  • Include the relevant Baccalaureate Core category learning outcomes verbatim

on the syllabus and identify them clearly as Baccalaureate Core Learning Outcomes for Category X or Categories X and Y. 

  • Make sure the course meets all criteria for the category(ies) in which it falls.  
  • On the syllabus, make clear to students how Bacc Core category learning outcomes will be integrated into the course and assessed. 
  • Participate with the department/unit in the assessment and reporting of student learning, as requested by the Baccalaureate Core Committee of the Faculty Senate. (See the Assessment link on this website for more details.)
  • If the course is taught in multiple sections, participate with the department/unit to make sure students in various sections have a consistent learning experience across all sections of the course.  In some cases, this might mean a common syllabus or common content outcomes and assignments.  `

Faculty development opportunities related to Bacc Core teaching are available through the Center for Teaching and Learning, the Writing Intensive Curriculum Program and the Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program 

If you have questions about teaching in the Baccalaureate Core, please contact the Chair of the Baccalaureate Core Committee, Kevin Gable.