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At OSU, we are committed to nurturing a climate of compassion and inclusivity for all our students, faculty, staff and visitors. We envision a collaborative campus community that engages civility and embraces diversity. 

In fall 2013, an inter-unit working group was convened to advance inclusivity and civility efforts at OSU, and is currently undertaking a number of initiatives around nurturing a climate of compassion.

About the Provost's Council Ethos

Building community involves creating relationship networks that are life-giving, life affirming and life-sustaining. As we work to build a strong sense of community and create a positive campus climate at Oregon State University, we must be conscious of the attitudes, values and behaviors we bring to our relationships with each other. The Provost’s Council Ethos provides the basis for critical self-reflection and a foundation for building and maintaining a community in which all members are committed to the growth, development and well-being of every other member. Watch the video to learn more, or read the full statement at: http://leadership.oregonstate.edu/provost/provosts-council-ethos

About the OSU Community Culture Civility Film

The 2-minute film featured here is one initiative this group undertook.  The purpose of this film is to raise awareness around civility and inclusivity, and cultivate an environment of kindness and empathy. We most often go about our days seeing dozens of faces as they pass us by in the quad, the Memorial Union, during a class, in the library, or at the gym, but do we take time to care about the stories, the people, behind the sea of faces? Each individual has a story that shapes them, and this film is intended to give a glimpse into the diverse experiences members of our OSU community hold. We intend for this film to be an educational and inspirational piece, and hope you will share it with colleagues, students, teachers and peers as we collectively engage an inclusive OSU community. 

This film features real people from the OSU community who have generously shared their stories. The words you see on the screen are quotes from the participants that provide a glimpse into the “behind the scenes” experiences each individual holds.

Special Thanks To:


  • Barbara Tovar Tello (Master’s student, Contemporary Hispanic Studies)
  • Dee Wendler (Staff, University Administrative Business Center)
  • Hailey Buckingham (Doctoral student, Sustainable Forest Management)
  • Ismail Warsam  (Staff, International Programs)
  • Jennifer Lam (Master’s student, Marine Resource Management)
  • Leah Chibwe (Doctoral student, Chemistry)
  • Lubna Khan (Undergraduate, Biochemistry and Biophysics)
  • Stephanie Grocke (Doctoral student, Geology)

Inclusivity/civility working group

  • Angelo Gomez, Office of Equity & Inclusion
  • Brenda McComb, Graduate School
  • Courtney Everson, Graduate School
  • Faye Chadwell, OSU Libraries 
  • Jennifer Almquist, Office of Equity & Inclusion
  • Jillian Grant, Research Office
  • Larry Roper, Student Affairs
  • Sue Theiss, Ombuds

Production team

  • David Baker, Darryl Lai, Justin Smith and Daniel Cespedes, Interactive Communications