In the summer of 2011, President Ray called for a comprehensive self-study that would engage the university community in examining equity, inclusion, and diversity efforts university-wide. The charge included articulating a vision of the preferred future of Oregon State as an equitable and inclusive university community, and the following statement of vision and principles was produced as a result:

I. Our Vision

Oregon State University aspires to be a collaborative, inclusive and caring community that strives for equity and equal opportunity in everything we do; that creates a welcoming environment and enables success for people from all walks of life; and that shares common, fundamental values grounded in justice, civility and respect while looking to our diversity as a source of enrichment and strength.

II. Our Principles

An inclusive university community is achieved and sustained by seeking a diversity of people and perspectives, valuing our differences and ensuring equitable opportunities. We are guided by the interdependent principles of Inclusion, Equity, and Diversity.

Inclusion: working together to create a welcoming environment through interpersonal interactions that respect and affirm the inherent dignity, value, and uniqueness of all individuals and communities. Inclusion is an active process of creating a community in which people have full access to relationships and resources that enable their personal and intellectual growth and success. Inclusive practices reflect awareness and understanding of the complexity of identity and the increasing interconnectedness of our world.

Equity: ensuring equality of opportunity in all that we do. Equity requires fairness of standards, norms, and practices for all community members. An equitable learning and working community provides equal access to all rights, privileges, and resources.

Diversity: seeking and realizing the richness of human difference. Diversity is a dynamic phenomenon, life enriching and foundational to excellence. We strive to create and nurture an environment where a diversity of people, ideas, and perspectives flourish and inspire creativity and achievement.

We are steadfast in our pursuit of equity, inclusion, and diversity. These commitments are central to our OSU mission—to foster academic excellence, to build healthy communities, and to improve the quality of life at our university and throughout the world.

Realizing this vision for equity, inclusion, and diversity entails the work of many committed individuals, groups, and offices, some of which are listed here: